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2018-09-14: New Programs for Students in 6th-12th Grades

posted Sep 19, 2018, 4:26 PM by St. Nicholas Church School Ann Arbor Michigan

[The following message is from Fr. Nick.]

September 14, 2018

Dear Parents of Church School students in 6th-12th grades,

This year, we are going to try something a little different for the 6th-12th grades.  Once a month for the 6th-9th graders, and once a month for the 10th-12th graders, the students will meet in the conference room where I (or Fr. Alex) will offer a discussion on various topics meant to stimulate thinking and the application of our Greek Orthodox faith in everyday life.

Below is a list of tentative dates and topics.

Following the distribution of Holy Communion, I will go to the conference room to meet the group for that Sunday.  Fr. Alex will conclude the Divine Liturgy, make announcements and distribute antidoron.  There, I will meet with one of the two groups mentioned above for the length of a normal church school class and we will discuss some of the issues noted below. 

Also, during the week before the session, we will send an email to the parents of the group at hand, and let them know the outline and some of the material that will be covered so that the parents will have an opportunity to see what will be discussed.  For example, this Sunday, the topic is “Building Friendships.”  The points of discussion are as follows:
  1. “Guess who I am survey” – an ice-breaker for the group.

  2. What are the characteristics of a good friend – students call out ideas, and I or the teachers may add to the list and certainly discuss the list from an Orthodox perspective.

  3. Making new friends – what are some ways we can learn to make new friends or be friendlier – How do you meet new people?  How should one act?  How should one try to comport himself/herself?  What does our Orthodox faith have to say concerning these issues?

  4. Closing thoughts/Team idea – extend to an idea that we are a team here at St. Nicholas striving together for salvation.
The goals of this new program are to:
  • Talk about issues directly related to the lives of the students from an Greek Orthodox Christian perspective.

  • Stimulate thinking and expressing ideas from and Orthodox perspective.

  • Create stronger bonds and friendships between our students so that they know they have generally like-minded friends within the Greek Orthodox Church.

  • Promote critical thinking from an Orthodox Christian perspective to help solve, or at least help navigate through, challenges or challenging situations.
The reasons we are trying this new program are as follows:
  • Though we often talk about such issues in GOYA, not all of our students participate in GOYA, so we are “casting a larger net”.

  • In my experience, these topics seriously challenge our students – listening to the many confessions of students here at St. Nicholas and at the camp have shown me that these issues and challenges affect many of the students, and I think an earlier point of contact on these issues will be helpful to them.

  • A number of parents have reached out to me and asked that we talk about these topics in church from an Orthodox perspective.

  • We want to promote a tighter-knit group of friends within our Greek Orthodox Church.
I am particularly grateful to Dr. Karen Kolias, Ioana Nadra, and Dani Nadra for their help, support, and development (in all areas) of this program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

God bless,
+ Fr. Nick

2018-09-09: New Academic Year! Please Register!

posted Sep 19, 2018, 4:21 PM by St. Nicholas Church School Ann Arbor Michigan

Church School classes for 2018-19 start tomorrow, Sunday, September 9, 2108!

Fr. Nick would like all parish children, from Preschool (at least age 3 by Sept 1) to 12th Grade, to register and attend St. Nicholas Church School regularly.

Many parents have already registered their children for Church School. Thank you!

If you still need to register, please click this link to the new on-line Registration Form at the Church School website:
Please note the following changes for Church School registration starting in 2018-19:
  • Parents should use only the above on-line Registration Form to register up to 4 children. (Please do not use paper forms.)
  • The older Registration Form and Emergency Form have been merged into the one at the above link. There is no separate Emergency Form.
  • Your data in the new Registration Form are saved. You will receive an email with a link that allows you to edit your submitted data (if needed).
  • You can also use this link to edit your data (as needed) and register for next year with minimum effort, too.
  • There is no registration fee for Church School.
We hope that you will find that the new Registration Form makes registering for Church School as simple and easy as possible. You can even register using a smartphone or a tablet. 

On September 9, 2018, in addition to the first class, we shall have the blessing of the classrooms and our parish picnic!

2017-09-07: Register On-line with 1 click!

posted Sep 7, 2017, 12:48 PM by St. Nicholas Church School Ann Arbor Michigan   [ updated Sep 7, 2017, 12:50 PM ]

Church School is now free of charge for everyone. There is no longer a fee to register for Church School!

The Church School website has a new Registration Form and a new Emergency Form for 2017-18.

Both the new Registration Form and the new Emergency Form can be filled on-line using only a web browser (or even a smart phone) and can be submitted electronically by clicking the "Submit" button. There is no need to print these forms on paper and submit them in person at the Church School office.

To register their children parents should just visit the Church School website at:
If you discover any problems with the new forms please send us an email and let us know at
Thank you.

2015-09-20: New Biblical Maps and Charts

posted Sep 20, 2015, 5:11 PM by St. Nicholas Church School Ann Arbor Michigan   [ updated Sep 20, 2015, 5:12 PM ]

A list and descriptions of recently purchased books with Biblical Maps and Charts appear below.

These books will be kept in the Church School Office and are available to all teachers.

Please take a quick look through the list to familiarize yourselves with what is available.

List of Biblical Maps and Charts

1. Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions

Edited By: Marsha Ellis Smith

By: Marsha A. Ellis Smith

B&H Books / 1994 / Hardcover

Product Description
Detailed color maps, charts, and timelines; artistic renderings of biblical cities and artifacts; cross-references to the Holman Bible Handbook and Dictionary; and more!
176 pages, spiralbound hardcover.

2. Then and Now Bible Maps Original

Rose Publishing / 1997 / Other, N/A

Product Description
Transparent maps of modern-day Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries lie flat over Bible maps showing the lands and cities where the patriarchs, Jesus, and the apostle Paul traveled. Tremendously helpful!
20 pages, spiralbound hardcover from Rose.

3. Dictionary Holman Illustrated Bible, Revised and Expanded

By: C. BrandC. W. DraperA. England

B&H Books / 2003 / Hardcover

Product Description

·  Exhaustive definitions of people, places, things and events-dealing with every subject in the Bible

·  Over 700 full-color photos, illustrations and charts.

·  Unique scale drawings and reconstructions of biblical places and objects based on careful archaeological research.

·  Over 60 new, full-color maps with map index

·  Major articles on theological topics, collective articles on plants, animals, occupations, etc.

·  Pronunciation guide for all proper nouns and other hard-to-pronounce words.

·  Up-to-date archaeological information from excavations in Israel.

·  Timeline that compares biblical history to world history

·  Summary definitions that begin each entry for quick reference.

·  A variety of Bible translations used-the only dictionary that includes the HCSB, NIV, KJV, RSV, NRSV,REB, NASB, ESV, and TEV.

·  Many articles based on the original languages, but written in a user-friendly style. Technical language and abbreviations are avoided.

·  Extensive cross-referencing of related articles

·  "Quicktabs": marginal alphabetical guides for quick and easy location of information

4. Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart

By: C.W. Leonard

Attic Books / 2010 / Hardcover

Product Description
A great visual tool, this authentic reproduction of a 19th-century chart includes maps of Canaan, the Middle East, Israel's journey out of Egypt, and Paul's travels; genealogical trees of Jacob's family and the kings of Judah and Israel; a chronology of biblical events; facts on every book of the Bible; lists of weights, lengths, and sizes throughout history; and much more! Measures 32" x 28.5" (opened). From Attic Books.

5. A Guide to Biblical Sites in Greece and Turkey

By: Clyde E. FantMitchell G. Reddish

Oxford University Press / Paperback

Product Description
In biblical writings, and particularly in the New Testament, the areas encompassed by modern countries of Greece and Turkey appear prominently. Nearly two-thirds of the New Testament, including all the letters of Paul, most of Acts, and the book of Revelation, are set in either Turkey or Greece. This book is intended to serve as a historical, biblical, and archaeological guide to most of these biblical sites.

  • Coverage and discussion of every significant site in Greece and Asia Minor (including Cyprus) mentioned in the Bible
  • Walking instructions indicating items of major archaeological interest
  • Site plans, maps of the regions, and black and white illustrations
  • Historical charts and glossary of essential items

    6.Rose Book of Bible Maps, Charts, & Time Lines Set - Volumes 1-3

    ·         Rose Publishing / Other, N/A

    Product Description Vol 1

    35 popular Rose Publishing Bible charts, maps, and time lines in one concealed spiral bound book.
    Over 180 pages of full color Bible charts, maps, time lines and illustrations.
    Features 114 pages of full-color bible charts of: General Bible Charts, Old Testament Charts, New Testament Charts, Maps, Illustrations and Diagrams, Christianity, Cults & Religions, and Index.
    It also contains 22 Pages of time lines including: A Bonus Time Line 22" wide foldout, How We Got the Bible, Kings and Prophets, Christian History Time Line, and 19 Pages of "Then and Now" Bible Maps and Other Full color maps of Bible Lands, and 25 Pages of Colorful Illustrations include: Noah's Ark, The Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, Herod's Temple, and Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

    Product Description Vol 2

    32 full-color resources includes "Bible Translations Comparison Chart," "Heroes of the Old Testament," "Women of the Bible," "Life of Paul," "Christ in the Old Testament," "Christ in the Passover," "Names of Jesus," "Beatitudes," "Lord's Prayer," "Worldviews Comparison," and more!
    192 reproducible pages, spiralbound hardcover.

    Product Description Vol 3.

    More than 220 reproducible charts, photographs, maps, and handouts. Topics include spiritual gifts; the lives of Esther and David; the parables of Jesus; the attributes of God; and more. Perfect for busy people who want hundreds of facts at a glance.

    Charts include:

    • Favorite Bible topics including forgiveness, money, prayer, heaven, and more
    • Comparisons of Christian views on baptism, communion, revelation, and spiritual gifts
    • Bible characters including Joseph, Moses, David, Ruth, and more
    • Books of the Bible overviews
    • Jerusalem Time Line - 24" foldout
    • One-Year Bible Reading Plans - 3 options
    • Creeds Charts comparing the creeds and Bible references

    2015-09-13: Church School 2015-16 Year Starts!

    posted Sep 20, 2015, 5:07 PM by St. Nicholas Church School Ann Arbor Michigan   [ updated Apr 13, 2017, 1:45 PM ]

    Sunday, September 13, 2015, is "Registration Day" and the "1st Day of Classes" for our St. Nicholas Church School.

    After Holy Communion all Church School students should proceed to their classrooms as usual to start the new year.

    Parish children who have celebrated their 3rd birthday and up should register for the appropriate grade of Church School this Sunday as follows:
    • Preschool:     3 and 4 years old
    • Kindergarten: 5 years old
    • Older children should register for the grade they attend in school.
    Three things are needed to register for Church School:
    • One "Registration Form" for the entire family (it accommodates up to five children)
    • A separate "Emergency Card" for each child 
    • A nominal "Registration Fee" of $20 per child for the entire year
    You can save a lot of time and effort by filling (and reusing) the Registration Form and the Emergency Card(s) using a computer ahead of time.
    The Registration Form and the Emergency Card, as well as complete instructions, are available on-line at the Church School website:
    Please take a few moments to fill out the two forms ahead of time.

    It is a strict requirement of our parish regulations that children who attend Church School must register and submit both a Registration Form and an Emergency Card.

    If you need help with registration please let us know. We will be happy to help.

    We hope to see everyone this Sunday, at Church School and at the Parish Picnic that follows.

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