Curriculum - Exams - Awards/Recognition

Church School Curriculum

The Church School curriculum requirements for each grade are available through the submenu for this page.

Please note that the curriculum for each grade is cumulative. It includes the material in all preceding grades.

For easy reference, the new material for each grade appears in bold.

Final Exam

    • At the end of each academic year, our Church School students are given a take-home exam to assess their progress in Greek Orthodox religious education.

    • Students and parents are encouraged to print and study the requirements for their grade (available through the submenu for this page) so they can study and get ready for the final exam.

    • All exams are approved, corrected and graded by Fr. Nick.


    • Students with good performance are recognized at our Church School graduation ceremony at the end of the year.

    • Currently there are three awards/recognition available as described on the Awards/Recognition page:

      • Attendance Pin

      • Perfect Attendance Award

      • Honor Reward.