2018 Church School Final Exams
The 2017-18 Church School exams, distributed to the students starting Sunday, April 22, 2018,
are also available to download from this page.

The primary purpose of having end-of-year Church School exams is to help students learn more about our Orthodox faith by revisiting the material taught in the past year. For this reason, Fr. Nick goes over all completed exams and provides feedback and encouragement to each student.

Completed exams are due back by Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Students should return their completed exams in the white drop-box placed outside the main church office and labelled "Church School Exams".

Important: Completed exams should NOT be returned to teachers, or left in the Church School office, or handed in to the Parish office, or handed to Fr. Nick, or left in a classroom, etc. They could get lost.  Please, place exams in the special drop-box, only. Thank you!

2018 Exam Files

Click to download your exam file (pdf):