Media: Photos, Videos, etc.

Church School pictures are hosted on OneDrive (click to open a new window).


Church School videos are hosted on YouTube (click to open a new window).

Our address on YouTube is easy to remember:

Tips on Using OneDrive

Picture Organization

Church School photos are organized like this:

  • Folders (by academic year); for example:
    • Subfolders (by date); for example:
Each folder icon shows:
  • A live slideshow of its contents
  • The number of subfolders or photos it contains.

Useful Tips

Tip: To select specific photographs, or folders, or to change the order in which they appear, select the "List View" or "Icon View" as shown in the picture below. Then, click on checkboxes to select photos. Click on Column Names or select from the "Change Sort Order" to change the order in which photos are listed. This works similar to the Windows File Explorer.

Tip: To download an entire folder of pictures, click to select it and then click on "Download" on the top menu of the SkyDrive screen. You will receive all pictures as one "zip" file.

Tip: To download just a few photographs, click to select the pictures you want and click on "Download" on the top menu of the SkyDrive screen. You will receive the selected pictures as one "zip" file.