2018 St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival - Parish Level - Summary


Date: March 4, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Place: Started and finished in Social Hall
Total No. of Speakers: 19 (+ 3 students in Grade 6)
Results: Please see below.

Congratulations to all students who participated in our parish Oratorical Festival and delivered speeches!
They are all winners!


[All students received "Honorable Mention" as listed.]

7th-9th Grade: 12 students presented their speeches:

No.   Topic   Speaker
 1         4      Zoe Patselas
 2         5      Alex Theros
 3         2      Alexa Webber
 4         3      Ethan Hochendoner
 5         1      Zack Chalogianis
 6         2      Elizabeth Kolias (Runner up)
 7         1      Maya Abdallah(Runner up)
 8         1      Marisa Cotitsas
 9         1      Luke Savas
10        2      Constantina Perakis
11        2      Jonah Radwanski (Finalist)
12        4      Alex Rouman
6th grade participants:
No.   Topic   Speaker
1         2       Harry Kotsis
2         1       Alexis Perakis
3         2       Marisa Savas

    1. In John 15:13–15, Jesus teaches about friendship to His disciples. Discuss the importance of friendship in your life.
    2. Choose a parable from the Gospel of Luke and discuss how it speaks to our contemporary life.
    3. Talk about a time and circumstance when you were in awe and wonder – where you sensed the majesty of God.
    4. Discuss how prayer, fasting, serving others, or study of Orthodoxy assists you with your relationship with Christ and the Church.
    5. In Mark 2:1–12, four men remove a roof in order to bring a paralytic to Jesus to be healed. How inventive are we in bringing people to Jesus for healing?

    Special Visit by Bishop Neophytos of Nieri and Mt Kenya

    We had a special blessing this year as his Grace Bishop Neophytos of Nieri and Mount Kenya was delayed at Detroit Metro while returning back to Kenya. He was hosted by our Priests and Parish as well as Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit.  For the first time, our Oratorical Festival group entered the Church twice, first to listen to the Holy Gospel and the sermon by Bishop Neophytos, and later to take Holy Communion.
    In his sermon Bishop Neophytos talked about God's call to "push on the boulder in the road", through prayer, perseverance, understanding, forgiveness, love.  It is up to God, however, to remove the boulder from the road, and He does so in His own time and way.


    [All students received "Honorable Mention" as listed.]
    10th-12th Grades: 7 students presented their speeches:

    No.   Topic   Speaker
     1         3      George Hauck
     2         5      Stephanie Cotitsas
     3         4      Anastasia Papageorgiou  (Runner up)
     4         2      Alexandra Chalogianis
     5         1      Gabriel Necula (Runner up)
     6         1      Luke Warhurst
     7         1      Sam Radwanski (Finalist)

    TOPICS: SENIOR DIVISION (Grades 10-12)
    1. People often say, “It felt right” in order to explain their decisions. How many of our decisions factor in not only our feelings but also the will and commandments of God?
    2. Christ’s disciples made the commitment to follow Him without knowing what the outcome might be. What does it mean to follow Christ today?
    3. How can we have religious conversations on social media in an age of trolling?
    4. Christ said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Mark 4:9). The Lord said this with reference to the way we hear the word of God. What is our response?
    5. Our lives are saturated with violence, not only in terms of the proliferation of war and terrorism but even as entertainment through movies and video games. In such an environment, how can a Christian cultivate virtues that lead to empathy, peacemaking, and self-sacrifice?


        Panagioti Apostolou, Toula Saratsis, Gail Sinwell
    Church School Directors:
        Katherine Phan, Photios G. Ioannou
    Church School Teachers:
    Tony Michalopoulos, Dani Nadra,
        Nick Chapekis Jr., Sophia Grias, Robert Templeman,
        Brendan Haug, Ioana Nadra, Deno Prokos
    Opening Prayer & Video:  Deno Prokos
    Timekeeper:  Brendan Haug
    Speaker Order/Room Coordinators:
        Pam Petropoulos, Ioana Nadra
    Photography:  Jennifer Patselas
    Oratorical Festival Poster:  Dimitris Papageorgiou
    Church coordination: Eva Michail, Harry Kotsis
    Hospitality - Judges:  Kalliroy Warhurst
    Hospitality - Parish:  Stacy Garris
    Hospitality Assistance:  Pam Petropoulos, Niki Wardner,         Perry Katsikas, Lana Panagoulia
    Oratorical Instruction/Education:  Artemis Alex 
    Special Oratorical Instructor:  Nicholas Phan
    Festival Chair:  Vicki Kiningham
    Closing Prayer:  Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit

    In loving memory of Mara Krause