Church School Registration

Instructions for On-line Church School Forms

Please read these instructions before you click to open any of the Church School forms below. 

What You Need to Register for Church School

To register for Church School, each family needs the following:

  1. One Registration Form for the entire family.
  2. A separate Emergency Card for each child.
  3. A Registration Fee of $20 for each child.
Submit the above to the Church School. You can do so in person on Registration Sunday (or as soon as possible), or through the mail or email.
Please Note:
  • Registration Fee checks should be made payable to
    "St. Nicholas G.O. Church". On the check please write "2015-16 Church School Fee(s)" and the name(s) of the child(ren). On the Registration Form please write the number of the check.
  • Registration Fee(s) will be waived for any family that needs help. No child will be refused to attend Church School.
  • One Registration Form can be used to register up to 5 children in the same family.
  • Each year, a new (up-to-date) Emergency Card must be submitted to each youth ministry of our parish at the time a child registers for that ministry.
  • The Emergency Card is required by our Parish Regulations and has been approved by our Parish Council.
  • The on-line Emergency Card for Church School is the same as that used by all other youth ministries of our parish (e.g., Greek School, GOYA, HOPE, JOY, etc.)
  • This means that you can fill out the on-line Emergency Card only once per child. Then you can print several copies and submit them whenever you register your child for a parish youth program. This can result in substantial time savings as illustrated by the example on the right.

When to Register for Church School
  • On Registration Sunday (usually the 1st Sunday after Labor Day).
  • Before Registration Sunday. Parents are encouraged to register their children as early as possible.
  • Families new to our parish can register their children as quickly as they can.

How to Make Form-Filling Easy

This example illustrates the savings in effort and time when a family fills out, saves, and prints the Emergency Card using their home computer.

Mrs G's family has three children (A, B, and C) and each child belongs to three church youth organizations. Mrs G needs to fill out and submit nine Emergency Cards each year! This is a lot of work!

Mrs G is also concerned that, in case of an actual emergency, her handwriting might prove difficult to read to follow her instructions.

For Mrs G's family, emergency contacts, phone numbers, doctors, etc., are about the same for all three children. And they do not change much from one year to the next.

So, Mrs G decides to do the smart thing: Fill-in just one Emergency Card on her computer.

Mrs G fills out the on-line Emergency Card for child A and saves it as a file on her home computer under A's name.

Mrs G then changes the child's name to B and saves a copy of the Emergency Card file under B's name.

Mrs G then does the same for child C.

So, with little effort, Mrs G has saved three completed Emergency Card files on her computer, one for each child.

Mrs G then prints 3 copies of each Emergency Card file on her home printer for a total of 9 pages.

She signs each copy, and puts all 9 signed Emergency Cards in her car. This way she will not forget to submit them to the 3 youth organizations when she goes to church next Sunday.

Notice that Mrs G has just reduced the amount of form-filing work by a factor of 9. Plus, the Emergency Card pdf files saved on her computer can be edited easily (if necessary) and reused next year, too!

Great job Mrs G! That's the way to do it!

St. Nicholas Church School Ann Arbor Michigan,
Sep 6, 2017, 6:28 PM
St. Nicholas Church School Ann Arbor Michigan,
Sep 6, 2017, 6:28 PM