Awards - Recognition

The following awards/recognition are bestowed upon Church School students at the graduation ceremony at the end of each academic year. A list of past award recipients appears in the Church School Graduation programs.

Attendance Pin

  • Students with three "net absences" or less receive a special Attendance Pin for their grade.

  • "Net absences" = "absences" - "makeups"

  • "Makeups": Students can make up absences by attending services during Great Lent and other Feast days during the year.

  • Students can record attendance of extra church services in the Sign-Up book in the Narthex by the candle-stand (pangari).

  • Up to a maximum of ten "make-ups" can be used to determine "net absences".

Perfect Attendance

  • Students with no absences (without any make-ups) receive an Attendance Pin and a special Perfect Attendance Award.

Honor Reward

Students who have mastered the curriculum requirements for their grade are recognized at our Church School graduation ceremony at the end of the year with an Honor Reward.

To be eligible for an Honor Reward a student must:

  • Attend at least one class (to accommodate altar boys/captains)

  • Pass the final exam on the curriculum requirements of his/her grade; and

  • Participate in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival.

Everyone should work hard and get an Honor Reward!