2013-11-20: 2013 Christmas Pageant - Coffee Hour

Post date: Jan 25, 2015 2:11:13 AM

Our Church School Christmas Pageant will take place on Sunday December 22, 2013, in church, after the Divine Liturgy.

As is out custom every year, the coffee hour following the pageant is sponsored by all Church School families.

The coordinator for the coffee hour is Mrs. Stasi Webber (lilstasi2@aol.com) with the help of Mrs. Nia Roumanis (nroumanis@hotmail.com).

Please help with the coffee hour by bringing specific food items and volunteering for needed tasks (setup, decorations, cleanup, etc.)

Mrs Webber has made it easy for everyone to get involved and help. Just click the link below to visit the on-line sign-up form: