2020 Church School Final Exams

The primary purpose of having end-of-year Church School exams is to help students learn more about our Orthodox faith by revisiting the material taught during the academic year. Fr. Nick reads all completed exams and provides feedback and encouragement to each student.


  • The 2019-20 Church School exams are available ONLY online and only on this web-page.

  • Students should type their Exam answers directly into the Word file for their Grade.

    • Students should then save their completed Exam Word file with a name like

    • 2020-Exam_10-12_Grade-John_Doe.doc

    • Students should email their completed Word file for this exam to churchschoolaa@gmail.com

    • The completed exams (Word files) should be emailed back to the Church School

        • by May 17, 2020.

    • Thank you!

2020 Exam Files

Click to download your exam file (Word file):