Church School Registration

Instructions - How to Register for Church School

To register children for Church School, each family needs to complete and submit only one on-line form for the entire family. This form can register up to four children:

Notes: There is no separate Emergency Form. The data in the Emergency Form are now part of the Registration Form.

When you register on-line you will receive an email with a copy of your data and a link that allows you to edit, update, and resubmit your data at any time.

Save the link to your data. Next year you can use that link to register in a matter of seconds as follows:

      • Click the link provided in the registration email to go to your Registration Form.

        • You will see all the data that you have entered previously.

      • Update the new Academic Year for which to register.

      • Verify that all other data are still up to date.

      • Click the Submit button to register again.

When to Register for Church School

    • Any time before the First Day of Classes (which is the Sunday after Labor Day). Parents are encouraged to register their children as early as possible.

    • Families new to our parish can register their children as quickly as they can.

Note: If you cannot fill out the on-line Registration Form, then print, fill out by hand, and submit this form at the Church School office. Church School will then fill out the on-line Registration Form for you.