Administration - General Information

1. Academic Year

    • Our Church School Academic Year begins in September and ends the following June.

    • Registration Sunday and the First Day of Church School Classes is usually the first Sunday after Labor Day.

    • Graduation is on a Sunday close to the middle of June.

    • Specific dates appear on the on-line Church School calendar.

2. Student Eligibility

    • Our Church School accepts children ages 3 through 12th Grade.

    • Minimum student age: A child's 3rd birthday must have occurred before the start of the Academic Year (which is defined as September 1st).

3. Registration

    • Registration in Church School is not automatic. Families need to register their children for each new Academic Year.

    • Students should be registered for Church School prior to the start of the Academic Year.

    • Detailed Registration Instructions and all Registration Material are available on the Registration page.

4. Divine Liturgy and Classes

    • Church School students must be in Church by 10:00 AM every Sunday and attend the Divine Liturgy with their families.

    • Church attendance on Sunday is a requirement of our Church School curriculum.

    • Our children must attend the Divine Liturgy properly to establish a sense of order, duty, and to appreciate what is important to us as Greek Orthodox Christians.

    • After receiving holy communion, children will receive antidoron and proceed to their classrooms.

    • The time allotted for in-class instruction is approximately 45 minutes. Classes typically end by 12:15 PM.

    • There may be occasions, however, when extra time may be required to finish a lesson.

5. Attendance and Tardiness

    • All Church School students should attend the Divine Liturgy starting at 10:00 AM sharp. This is a Church School requirement.

    • In-class instruction begins immediately after holy communion.

    • Students must be in class on time so as not to disrupt instruction.

    • Teachers take attendance each Sunday.

6. Curriculum and Exams

    • The curriculum for each class is available here.

    • Near the end of each Academic Year, students are given take-home exams (see the calendar for details).

    • All take-home exams are finalized, corrected and graded by Fr. Nick.

7. Charitable Fundraisers

    • Our Church School (Preschool through 12th grade) participates in three major fundraisers during a year:

      • Thanksgiving Food Drive to gather food for the needy in our communities (ends on Sunday before Thanksgiving).

      • Help our Philoptochos to raise funds for the children at St. Basil’s Academy (1st Sunday in January).

      • Raise funds for the “Orthodox Christian Mission Center” (O.C.M.C.) during Great Lent.

    • Through these projects our children learn to share with others thereby practicing the virtue of Christian charity.

    • The exact start and end dates for these fundraisers appear on the Church School online calendar.

8. St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival

    • Each year the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival provides the opportunity to our Church School students to write about their Greek Orthodox faith.

    • More information about the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival is available in a separate page.

    • All Church School students must participate in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival at the parish level.

9. Attendance Pins, Perfect Attendance and Honor Reward

    • Attendance Pins:

      • A student will be given an Attendance Pin if he/she has 3 absences or less.

    • Perfect Attendance:

      • A student will be given a pin and a special award if they have no absences.

    • Honor Reward: To be eligible, a student must:

      • Attend at least one class (to accommodate altar boys/captains)

      • Pass a final exam on the requirements of his/her grade; and

      • Participate in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival.

10. Discipline

    • In the rare case where a student disrupts the class because of poor behavior, to the point where the lesson for the day cannot continue reasonably, the teacher will refer that pupil to the Church School Director(s) who will handle each case according to their discretion.

    • If necessary, the Director(s) will refer the matter and consult with the Parish Priest.