2017-09-07: Register On-line with 1 click!

Post date: Sep 7, 2017 7:48:23 PM

Church School is now free of charge for everyone. There is no longer a fee to register for Church School!

The Church School website has a new Registration Form and a new Emergency Form for 2017-18.

Both the new Registration Form and the new Emergency Form can be filled on-line using only a web browser (or even a smart phone) and can be submitted electronically by clicking the "Submit" button. There is no need to print these forms on paper and submit them in person at the Church School office.

To register their children parents should just visit the Church School website at:

    • churchschool.stnickaa.org

If you discover any problems with the new forms please send us an email and let us know at

    • churchschoolaa@gmail.com

Thank you.