2014-06-15: Church School Graduation

Post date: Jan 25, 2015 4:10:16 AM

Our 2013-14 Graduation Ceremony is on Sunday, June 15, 2014.

All students who attended Church School this past year should attend and receive their Certificates from Fr. Nick.

Fr. Nick will also recognize each one of the seniors who are graduating from Church School.

We will also line up on the solea and take photographs of each classroom and of the entire Church School. In case you have not seen them, here are the photographs from last year (the link is also on the Church School website):

After the ceremony, students return to their classrooms and receive end-of-year gifts. These are books that have been specially selected for each Grade by our Church School in consultation with Fr. Nick to help them learn and grow in our Orthodox faith.

Thank you very much for your support throughout the year and for setting an example by bringing your children to Church School every Sunday.

We look forward to seeing everyone back again on September 7, 2014 (Registration Sunday and First day of Classes).

Happy Father's Day to all dads!