2015-01-17: Fr. Nick's Ten Year Anniversary!

Post date: Jan 25, 2015 10:03:26 PM

Over the past 10 years, Fr. Nick has been the driving force behind the rebirth of our Church School.

Fr. Nick has transformed the St. Nicholas Church School both literally and spiritually. On the physical side, our Church School classrooms have been cleaned cleared and repainted and equipped with new furniture. Most importantly, each classroom now has 20 icons of the major feasts of the year to allow our teachers to relate their lessons to our iconography. The icons from our old church on Main Street have been framed and now line the hallway of our educational wing to connect us to our parish roots.

Perhaps Fr. Nick’s greatest gift to our children can be summed-up in one word: “engagement”. Fr. Nick has managed to attract a record number of students in our Church School – around 150 – and this is a direct result of setting an example and getting everybody involved, both parents and children.

It is clear to all that Fr. Nick cares deeply about the religious education of our children. He spends time with our students and teaches them personally. He is involved in all facets of our Church School academic life. He has designed our curriculum, selected the teachers, advises everyone, approves the yearly exams, reads them and provides feedback and encouragement to each and every student. He also advises all students on their St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival essays. He provides leadership and inspiration to all Church School students and teachers by setting an example for everyone to follow.

On behalf of our entire St. Nicholas Church School, thank you Fr. Nick!

We look forward to your 20 year anniversary!

Χρόνια πολλά!

Είς πολλά ἔτη Πάτερ!