2015-03-25: K-1 Church School Update

Post date: Apr 5, 2015 8:49:31 PM

Dear Parents of Kindergarteners and 1st Graders,

Below is a summary of the lessons for the past few classes. We hope that you find this helpful when you discuss church school with your children. We have been focusing on Lent and the miracles that Jesus performed leading up to his Crucifixion and Resurrection. Please remember to bring your children to the Saturday of Lazarus Service( and palm cross making) and Holy Unction Retreat on Holy Wednesday.

Lesson 20: We worked on their Divine Liturgy posters and they each wrote about something they enjoyed learning about on the back of their posters. These were submitted to Father Nick as part of the Oratorical Festival. This Sunday was the Sunday of Orthodoxy. The kids did a great job participating in the procession and service. After the procession we met in the small space to the side of the Narthex where the beautiful icon of Jesus the Good Shepherd is (stained glass window icon). We read the parable of the Lost Sheep, using some cut-out figures to re-enact it. We discussed what happens when a little sheep gets lost away from the flock, and how a good shepherd will leave the rest of the flock, searching high and low, and never giving up until he finds his lost sheep. We discussed that Jesus was teaching about and how the Good Shepherd is (Christ) and who the sheep are (us), and how when we don't follow Jesus' way, we can get lost away from him. But his love for us is so great and never-ending, and he always wants us back! Please see attached picture of the kids.

Lesson 21: We read the Gospel lesson " A Hole in the Roof" from The Beginner’s Bible. We talked about why all the people wanted to see Jesus? He was special and could help the sick. Why did Jesus know the men loved their friend? Because they did everything they could to get him to Jesus. They made a hole in the roof. What does it mean to have your sins forgiven? It means that Jesus forgives you for the wrong thing we do or say. What are some things that we may do wrong? Examples include: not sharing toys, saying something mean to sibling or other child, not helping others (mom and dad), etc.The kids also completed a Lenten Poster Project that we hope you are referencing as we travel thru this Lenten period. On one side they glued on pictures of things to do more of during Lent (bible, chalice, prayers, etc.) and on the other side, things to so less of during Lent (pizza, ice cream, computer/TV, video games, etc.).

Lesson 22: We talked about the Feast of the Holy Cross and continued reading the children’s Bible for the events leading up to Easter. We read the parable about the Lost son and discussed how that was similar to the Lost sheep. We talked about the significance of the cross and what it helps us to remember. We were able to take the kids into church for the special service and they did a really good job of paying attention to what Father was doing. After the service the kids worked on a cross project and hopefully were able to finish them at home.

Lesson 23: For this past Sunday we talked the Annunciation and we looked at the icon we have in class and discussed what the Angel Gabriel told Mary. We learned a rhyme to remember this special day, “It was no myth on March 25th, Angel Gabriel told Mary a baby she would carry.” We continued with the Gospel readings of the miracles before Easter. We read the Ten Lepers and talked about how only 1 out of the 10 lepers came back to thank Jesus for healing him. We discussed how we need to remember to thank Jesus for many things everyday, clothes, food, health, etc. We sometime forget to thank him for the blessing he has given all of us. We also talked about the Short Man, Zacchaeus, and how Jesus went to his house even though he was a sinner. Jesus was able to make Zacchaeus see the wrongs he had done just by telling him he was coming to his house. He forgave him for his sins. The kids also started a Lenten Coloring Book which has pictures of some of the things we have learned about so far regarding the Divine Liturgy and Lent. They will work on this until Easter to help reinforce some of the lessons we have taught thus far.

It is a pleasure to teach your children every Sunday. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Maria Hochendoner

Andrea McRae, DVM

Margarita Bekiares

Dr. Karen Kolias