2022-08-22: COVID and Health Guidance - Church School follows Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS)

Dear Church School Families,

Welcome to another year of Church School!

The current plan for 2022-2023 is that Church School classes will be offered in person with the same COVID and Health Guidance followed by the Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS).

For Fall 2022 the AAPS COVID and Health Guidance is available online here:

The Fall 2022 AAPS requirements with respect to masking are as follows:

Fall 2022 Guidance on masking in AAPS schools:

  1. Masks are strongly recommended indoors when CDC Community Level is ‘HIGH’- RED

  2. Masks are encouraged indoors when CDC Community Level is ‘MEDIUM’ - Yellow

  3. Masks are welcomed indoors when CDC Community Level is ‘LOW’ - Green

Beginning August 29th, the decision for when to mask will be made by the individual/family, except in specific circumstances, as noted below [...]

This means that Church School Families need to make decisions for when to mask based on the published current "CDC Community Level".

We hope to see everyone on September 11, 2022, for the first day of Church School classes!

Thank you for supporting our Church School!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Vasilios D. Pliakas

Photios G. Ioannou

Church School Directors

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Ann Arbor, Michigan

email: churchschoolaa@gmail.com